The Solution

The qUTI system

Astrego Diagnostics develops the qUTI system to rapidly and accurately diagnose UTI and determine antibiotic susceptibility at the point of care.

qUTI will change the empirical management paradigm for UTI, providing patients with effective antibiotic prescriptions at their first consultation.

Ultimate sensitivity!

It analyses the individual bacterial cell

Fastest possible!

As fast as the biological response itself

The Technology

Astrego’s Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) technology is based on cutting edge microfluidics and time-resolved imaging to monitor bacterial growth in the patient sample – in real-time.

The AST test is truly phenotypic, the result being dependent on the characteristics of the bacteria actually present.

Step 1

The urine sample is loaded on the microfluidic chip. Bacteria present in the urine are trapped in the channels.

Bacteria cells enter the channels of the microfluid chip

Step 2

Bacteria observed in the channels within the defined loading time, indicates a positive urine sample.

Half of the trapped bacteria are exposed to a candidate antibiotic.

Half of the bacterias is exposed to antibiotics to determine antibiotic susceptibility

Step 3

Bacterial growth are monitored in each channel, both with and without the candidate antibiotic.

Klebsiella growing in the channels of the microfluid chip

Step 4

The average growth rate, with and without candidate antibiotic, is calculated in real time. The UTI-causing bacteria is considered susceptible if its growth is duly inhibited.

The bacterias exposed to antibiotics show declining growth rate, indicating susceptibility

The Benefits

Healthcare System

A highly requested and currently unavailable diagnostic tool for evidence based management of UTI.

Pharma Industry

Extend life-time of primary antibiotics beyond 20% resistance.


Always correct diagnosis and immediate prescription of optimal antibiotic.

Reduced discomfort and less side effects from use of broad spectrum antibiotics.

Reduced risk of severe complications due to untreated infections.


Accurate diagnosis of bacterial infection avoids misuse of antibiotics.

Reduces risk for antibiotic resistance development.

Improved monitoring of local, regional or global antibiotic resistance.

Fewer sick-days – lower cost

Last updated 2017-08-09
©Astrego Diagnostics

Last updated 2017-08-09
©Astrego Diagnostics