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Astrego is founded on technology originally developed for fundamental research on bacterial growth at the level of single cells (1) and sensitive bacterial imaging (2,3). It was however realized that this technology, in its simplest form, also had the potential to be used for very fast antibiotic susceptibility testing (4).

In Astrego this mission has been taken on by a dedicated team of experienced engineers  with the necessary competences to develop the concept into an easy-to-use, point-of-care test for antibiotic resistance in urinary tract infection – the qUTI system.

1. Wallden et al. Cell 20172. Hammar et al. Science 20123. Hammar et al. Nature Genetics 2014, 4. Baltekin et al. PNAS 2017


Astrego Diagnostics is located in Uppsala Sweden, a city with long history of fostering successful collaboration between Uppsala University and the local Bio- and Medtech industry. A few examples are Pharmacia (now GE Healthcare and Pfizer), Biacore (part of GE Healthcare), Phadia (part of Thermo Fisher), Åmic (now part of J&J), Pyrosequencing (out licensing to Illumina), Biotage, Olink, Gyros Microlabs, Q-med (now Galderma), Ginolis, Q-linea and Gradientech.

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